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Why Study Medicine in Georgia:

  • Integrated Education System
  • Affordable Fees Structure
  • No Entrance Exam
  • Visa on Arrival for residence permit holders of 98 countries

Top Universities in Georgia

CAUCASUS University

Get your medical degree from Georgia’s most prestigious University

  • Caucasus University has 10 Schools and 45 Programs
  • Located in the capital city of Georgia: TBILISI
  • 25 Labs and Research Centers
  • Partnership with 156+ universities worldwide
  • International Students from 22+ Countries
  • 1000+ Indian students in the campus

Why Medicine in Caucasus University?

  • Among Top 3 Medical Universities of Georgia
  • USMLE Certified Faculties
  • 6 Years MD Program
  • 20 Affiliated Hospitals
  • Licensing Exam Coaching
  • 1:20 Teacher-Student Ratio

Dual Degree Programs

BBA - Joint Program

(with Rennes Business School, France )

MBA - Joint Program

(With Grenoble School of Management, France)

Hospitality Management - Joint Program

(With Fairleigh Dickinson University, USA)

Cybersecurity - Joint Program

( With New Jersey City University, USA )

Digital Logistics Management - Joint program

(With TH Wildau, Germany)

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EAST WEST University

The Most Affordable University with the Best Student-Oriented Teaching Facilities

Get your medical degree from the most esteemed Medical University in Georgia

  • Lowest Tuition Fees in Tbilisi, Georgia
  • 1000$ Scholarship to Meritorious Students every year
  • 6 Year MD Program
  • Best Clinical Exposure at Top 3 Hospitals in Georgia
  • Well Equipped and Modernized Labs & Library
  • 360 ECTS Program Credits
  • 1:20 Teacher-Student Ratio

EWUNI has 3 Own Practicing Hospitals

Aleksandre Aladashvili University Clinic

in Tbilisi

Tbilisi Balneological Resort

in Tbilisi

GEO Hospital

25 Clinic & Hospital Chain in Georgia

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Internation Black sea university

The first English-language Educational Institution in Georgia

Get your medical degree from the most esteemed Medical University in Georgia

  • Affordable Tuition Fees in Tbilisi, Georgia
  • 6 Year MD Program
  • Well Equipped and Modernized Labs & Library
  • 1:20 Teacher-Student Ratio
  • 10+ English taught Programs
  • The university operates 40+ Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral accredited educational programs.

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