Level 8 - CIU Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership


The Level 8 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership is designed to help aspiring developing organisations create and improve successful approaches. This necessitates senior managers and directors acquiring expertise and insight in strategic direction, thereby focusing growth and performance across an organisation’s levels. You will also have access to our cutting-edge learning management platform, where you will be able to access critical learning resources and contact with our support team.

Course description

The Diploma has postgraduate level 8 accreditation. The goal of the study approach used to achieve the diploma is to recognise people who want to advance their skills in the corporate world. The targeted outcome is the development of competencies recognised by the organisation on a global scale to deliver exceptional services that represent credibility. All of the programmes are created to offer education based on ideas and real-world knowledge required for both existing and future businesses. Additionally, the course contains high-quality learning resources, like case studies, real-world examples, study guides, and structured lecture notes that will help you put your knowledge to use. On the learning site, educational resources are offered in one of three formats, including PDF, PowerPoint, and interactive text content.


  • 18 months


Course fees – $ 1840

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