Level 4&5 Higher Diploma in Business studies

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The International Higher Diploma in Business Administration (Level 4&5) aims to develop students who are professionally and individually self-reflective and capable of meeting the demands of the business sector and working in a constantly changing world.

This course will help you understand business issues, analyse management problems, and come up with workable solutions. The course introduces you to the fundamental concepts that are essential to understanding how businesses function, so that either you want higher education or work for a company, you will stand out with your methodically developed understanding of the key skills to flourish in the business field.

Course description

The Higher Diploma in Business programme is designed for the global market. It aims to provide learners with an understanding of business and management theory, concepts, and methods. It teaches students about the interdependence of business functions and processes. Core sub-fields include extensive knowledge and understanding of the modern business environment, as well as an awareness of the need for adaptation and change. After completing the programme, learners will be able to evaluate business knowledge, apply a variety of analytical skills, and analyse business environments to aid decision making and change implementation. Mode of study is online with comprehensive study methods and study materials.


  • 12 Month Course


Course fees – $1645(USD)

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