Level 3- Diploma in Business Studies


            The goal of the Level 3 Diploma in Business Studies is to provide learners with a thorough understanding of business operations and structure. Successful completion of this qualification will provide learners with the fundamental knowledge and skills required to succeed in the workplace or further education. Online learning is available for the Level 3 Diploma in Business Studies. A Level 3 Diploma in Business Studies teaches aspiring students the fundamentals of business and management. A professional Diploma in Business Studies enhances career options by providing them with the desired knowledge and skills.

Course description

The course also enlightens learners to make sound financial decisions by providing them with a thorough understanding of economic and accounting concepts. Students are also taught the best ways to deal with customers in order to ensure their maximum satisfaction, as well as the most effective strategies for attracting and retaining customers. Level 3 Business Management Studies enables learners to develop business knowledge, understanding, and skills, as well as the sources that will prosper while studying the business course, allowing them to easily understand the business system.


  • 3 Month Course

It is a three month course with a flexible distributive online learning method and high-end online study modes.


Course Fee – $1450 (USD)

Students are encouraged to pay the full course fee.

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