Are you considering pursuing higher education at a prestigious institution that offers exceptional opportunities for personal and professional growth? Look no further than Heriot-Watt University. Renowned for its outstanding academic reputation and commitment to excellence, Heriot-Watt provides a comprehensive and enriching learning environment that prepares students for success in a rapidly evolving world. Let us look into detail what makes Heriot-Watt the perfect choice.

1. Ranking and Global Recognition

Heriot-Watt University is genuinely exceptional. It has earned its place among the top-ranked universities, standing at the 35th position in the UK and the 8th position in Scotland for overall satisfaction. When you choose to study at Heriot-Watt, you’ll be joining a globally renowned institution that offers outstanding education and conducts cutting-edge research. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to explore innovative solutions to global challenges and make a real impact.

If you’re considering the Dubai campus of Heriot-Watt University, you’re making an incredible decision. The campus has been recognized as the “Best University” at the Forbes Middle East Higher Education Awards 2019. Moreover, it has recently obtained a five-star certification from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), further highlighting its excellence.

2. High Employability and Graduate Salaries

When it comes to your future prospects, Heriot-Watt University delivers. Reports indicate that nearly 95% of students secure employment or pursue advanced studies within six months of graduating from the university. With its remarkable ranking of 1st in Scotland and 17th in the UK for graduate salaries, Heriot-Watt ensures promising opportunities for well-paid positions. Additionally, graduates from this esteemed institution possess exceptional personal development skills, making them job-ready and enabling them to stand out in today’s fiercely competitive job market.

3. Connections through Go Global Program

At Heriot-Watt University, you’ll have the chance to become globally connected through the Go Global program. This program opens doors to studying at various campuses worldwide, giving you a competitive edge and exposing you to diverse perspectives. With a network of five campuses and 150 educational partners across the globe, including campuses in Dubai and Malaysia, Heriot-Watt actively supports international transfers through the Go Global inter-campus exchange program. This creates a vibrant and diverse student community that enriches your overall learning experience.

4. and Financial Support

Financial support is also available at Heriot-Watt University. Through a wide range of scholarships and bursaries, you can connect with over 500 institutions worldwide and alleviate the financial burden of tuition. Both Heriot-Watt and externally funded scholarships, including those generously provided by the university’s global alumni community, are accessible to students.

5. Emphasis on Practical Learning and Academic Excellence

Heriot-Watt University prides itself on offering exceptional academic infrastructure. Rather than focusing solely on rote learning and exam performance, the university prioritizes equipping students with the skills to solve real-world challenges. By providing the right learning environment, Heriot-Watt ensures that you are prepared for the future with practical knowledge and problem-solving abilities. 

This commitment to excellence is evident in the university’s impressive rankings. It has achieved a global ranking of 281st in the QS World University Rankings 2023 and has been ranked 34th in the UK according to The Complete University Guide 2023. The university’s research is also highly regarded, with 86.8% of it being classified as world-leading or internationally excellent in the REF 2021 results.

6. Outstanding Academic Infrastructure

When you join Heriot-Watt University, you gain access to excellent academic infrastructure that propels your intellectual growth, expands your horizons, and prepares you for success in your chosen field. The campus itself is designed to foster a student-friendly environment that encourages learning, collaboration, and fun. State-of-the-art facilities such as a tech-forward hub, a dedicated student services center, an expanded library, and social learning spaces are all at your disposal. Additionally, classrooms, seminar rooms, studios, and labs are equipped with the latest technology, allowing for hands-on learning experiences. Let your creativity flow in the in-house recording studios and create digital resources for an engaging and dynamic learning experience.

7. Building a Global Network of Connections

By choosing Heriot-Watt University, you become part of a global network of connections. Joining a vibrant community of over 27,000 students and 147,000 alumni worldwide, you gain lifelong membership to the Watt Club, the UK’s oldest graduate club established in 1854. This extensive network offers valuable benefits, including insights and guidance from experienced professionals and access to exciting global job opportunities through referrals within the alumni community.


Heriot-Watt University is the ideal choice for a transformative educational experience that prepares you for a successful future. With its exceptional rankings, global connectivity, financial support, academic infrastructure, and campus amenities, you’ll have everything you need to unlock your potential and thrive in your educational journey.

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