Many students wish to travel overseas to a ‘dream come true’ destination and pursue an ambitious study program. This is not surprising, as overseas education is an excellent foundation to build self-confidence, maturity, and sophistication, while also helping students have an open perspective on cultural differences. In addition, studying abroad enhances their opportunities for better and higher-paying jobs. It’s particularly advantageous for students who wish to build their careers and settle overseas. But how can a student singlehandedly find the best study program in the most suitable university? This is where a study abroad consultant comes to their rescue! 

3Z Study Abroad provides overseas education opportunities in countries like the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and Ireland. From diplomas to graduate and postgraduate degree programs, we have a range of program options for students who wish to study abroad. 

We are a professional study abroad agency that assists students with traveling to a foreign land for education. Our step-by-step process includes the following: 

  • Guidance and Counseling
  • Destination and University Selection
  • Course Shortlisting
  • Application Filing and SOP Guidance
  • Visa Documentation and Visa Filing
  • Check for Scholarship 
  • Financial Documentation Assistance 
  • Pre-departure Sessions
  • Accommodation Support
  • Insurance 

3Z Study Abroad: Your Most Reliable Overseas Education Consultant in Trivandrum

Studying abroad can be an intimidating experience for young students. They need all the support they can have from their parents, teachers, and a trusted study abroad consultant to ensure they make the right decisions and have a safe and rewarding experience at the foreign destination. 3Z has a team of skilled consultants, who answer all queries from students and their families about overseas education and provide every support students need to make a smooth transition. Let’s take a look at the ways we help: 

  • Assistance with making informed decisions – there are hundreds of destinations, universities, and study programs around the world. Such a mammoth number of options can be overwhelming for any student. As experienced study abroad consultants, we help students navigate these complexities. We interact with and counsel students on multiple occasions to understand their educational background, academic and extracurricular interests, career goals, overall personality, likes and dislikes, budget, etc. This enables us to shortlist the most suitable study programs in the best universities and destinations, based on their rankings, faculty, facilities, and admission requirements. We then prune this list to arrive at the most fitting one that aligns with students’ preferences.
  • Admission assistance – There are several formalities associated with the admission application process. Fortunately, we are well-versed in these and can guide students through the application process. We ensure that all required documents are submitted accurately and on time. We help students prepare application essays, resumes, and recommendation letters, which may vary depending on the individual universities and programs that students have chosen. As a study abroad agency, we can provide valuable insights on how to increase the chances of acceptance.
  • Visa and documentation support Abroad education consultants take care of the complex and time-consuming process of applying for a student visa. We assist students in understanding visa requirements and guide them through the application process. We also help students gather and organize the necessary documentation, such as financial statements, academic transcripts, and language proficiency test scores.
  • Scholarship and financial aid – Collating information on scholarships, grants, and other financial aid options available to international students can be a challenge. We have the necessary skills to do so and assist students in identifying eligibility criteria and preparing scholarship applications. In addition, we offer advice on managing finances, such as estimating living costs and arranging education loans, if necessary.
  • Test preparation – Many international universities require standardized tests like the TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, or GRE for admission. We recommend relevant test preparation resources and study practices and provide access to mock tests, and practice materials to help students achieve their target scores. 
  • Pre-departure orientation – Our pre-departure orientation sessions cover various aspects of living and studying in a foreign country, including cultural norms, accommodation options, healthcare facilities, transportation, and student life. Our abroad education consultants help students prepare for the challenges they may face in a new environment.
  • Post-arrival support – Many students require hand-holding with airport pickups, accommodation arrangements, and university registrations, and also expect guidance on opening bank accounts, obtaining local SIM cards, and familiarization with their new surroundings. At 3Z Study Abroad Consultants, we continue to offer our support even after students arrive at their chosen destination. 


3Z Study Abroad, the leading overseas education consultant in Trivandrum, plays a crucial role in assisting students who wish to pursue education abroad. We are a valuable resource for students, ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing their chances of success in their academic pursuits abroad. If you would like to learn more about our services, book a free consultation with us now.