Kursk State Medical University (Study Medicine in Russia)

About University

Kursk land – is a motherland of the University Kursk – is one of the oldest Russian cities (the first annalistic mention of Kursk dates from 1032) and there are many famous events of the history of Russia related to Kursk for centuries.

Almost one thousand years ago Kursk was the boundary fortress of the Russian land. From the earliest times it was the guardian of the borders in the south of Russia.

Kursk region is situated in the center of the European part of the USSR, within the forest-steppe zone. The terrain – is a low hilly steppe plain, dissected by beams, ravines and river valleys. The climate is moderate continental.

The region has quite a dense river net. Lovers of water tourism have much chance here. They are the Seim, the Psel, the Usozha, the Oskol, the Tuskar and others.

On the territory of the region there is a famous Kursk Magnetic Anomaly – the largest on the Earth.

Who does not know about Kursk nightingales? They are known for their great and perfect singing.

Kursk antonovka – is the queen of apple gardens, its smell drove out of senses I.A. Bunin, a famous Russian writer.

Feats of arms of Kursk dwellers are mentioned in the Lay of Igor’s Warfare. The Kursk Battle made fast glory during the Great Patriotic War.

Our region is also known for the most ancient Christian sanctity – the wonder-working icon of Madonna of Kursk Korenskaya “Znamenie” (Our Lady of the Sign). Kursk origins have spiritual referents: Sergius of Radonezh, Seraphim of Sarov, whose 250th anniversary was celebrated recently all around the world.

Kursk state medical university was established in 1935 by order of the Council of People’s Commissars No 89 dated 9 February.

The order of people’s commissar health service dated 7 May, 1935 read “Proceed to organize medical institute in Kursk with admission for the first year of 250 people and establish beginning of classes on the 1st of September, 1935”.

The first director of the medical institute was appointed physician V.I. Deshevoi.


1. Medical Degree
2. Pharmaceutical Degree
3. Dentistry Degree
4. Clinical Psychology Degree
5. Degree in Biotechnology

Student life

KSMU is famous for its healthy and vibrant student life. Students can pursue numerous extracurricular activities; various sport events, multicultural and multinationals evens. Many students’ groups function within the university such as student union, international student’s union, student’s union by country represented, sports and etc.

KSMU provides students with a world-class education in and environment full of new opportunities and ideas, which will help to shape your future. Learning new skills, meeting new and interesting people; making friends for life; these are all a normal part of the university experience and KSMU is no exception.

The campus is a bustling hive of activity and a real melting pot of multicultural cooperation. From sporting events, through to the arts, Kursk is a center for innovation and culture.

There are many ways in which you can meet new friends here at KSMU for example by joining one of the many vibrant student societies or creating one of your own! Our large and diverse student community makes for a very interesting environment to socialize, learn new skills and meet new people!

You will also have the opportunity to visit local historic attractions for you to visit and explore with your new friends and learn more about Russian culture and history. You could spend hours at the local cafes, shops and museums or take a walk through one of the beautiful parks nearby.

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