MBA (Top-up)


The top-up MBA is an online course designed for students who already have a Post Graduate Diploma in a Business/Management subject and want to advance to an MBA. This course can be finished in 12 months.

Since this course is entirely online, students can access the material whenever they want and schedule their studies around other obligations.

The MBA is widely regarded as the premier management qualification for senior managers and executives worldwide. An MBA programme is a transformative experience in which students learn how to engage with cutting-edge management research and apply it in their own practise.

Course description

Whatever industry you work in, this MBA is designed to help you understand the problems and challenges that all businesses and organisations face – and to identify potential solutions. You’ll have the opportunity to develop vital skills that can be applied in almost any business by taking this full-time course over two trimesters, which is less than a full calendar year.

Building a thorough understanding of an organisation and its leadership; developing creative and systematic approaches to underlying business issues; and understanding how business and management practices can be improved are among the topics covered. You will have the opportunity to cultivate your intellectual capabilities of research, critique, synthesis, and innovation throughout the course, culminating in a Master’s level dissertation.

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