Our MBA programme is distinguished by an innovative learning model that prepares top business executives to meet the modern demands of strategic planning, operational management, talent and HR management, innovation, and growth.

Our students are prepared to reach their full potential in terms of leadership, organisational performance, and personal professionalism by learning modern management skills. The programme prepares our graduates to succeed in senior management positions by strengthening qualitative and quantitative analytical skills and providing a deeper understanding of critical communication techniques and the role of information technology in organisations.

Course description

Our MBA in International Business connects theory and practice and is taught by instructors with extensive industry experience. Small groups allow for a more interactive learning experience. Because our MBA students must first have work experience in order to enrol, each student’s unique experiences and backgrounds make classes even more enjoyable. Our instructors use activating elements such as case studies, simulations, projects, and presentations to allow each student to easily connect the knowledge they have gained with their personal experiences.

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