job oppurtunity in australia

Cost and future job prospects are two major concerns of students planning to go abroad. In fact, the latest news from Australia is a real solace for anyone who plans to graduate from this country.

Australia offers a great number of job opportunities for international students. Surely, the policies have never been this generous before. And it seems to be the right time to grab the opportunity.

This article aims to share few facts which may help the readers take wise decisions at this vital juncture of their education and career.

Few significant points

  • One fourth of Australian enterprises have job vacancies.
  • Job opportunities have grown by 125% in the past 5 years.
  • Since pandemic, there is 83% growth in job vacancies, in all states and territories.
  • Healthcare and Social Assistance have the biggest number of job vacancies. Technical experts and different professionals including scientists top the list.
  • Demand for foreign students is at all-time peak

As we know, the world was shut down during pandemic and many lives and businesses were impacted in different ways. Of course there are negative effects. In fact, there are opportunities too.

The new options for foreign students in Australia is such a newly emerged opportunity. Because since Covid 19 outbreak, increase in the job vacancies is truly remarkable.

Really, today the number of employable candidates doesn’t match the number of vacancies.

And this scenario opens door for foreign students to build a Post-graduation career in the years to come.

Kind of jobs in Australia for international students

Australia has 18 industries and some of them require employees on various levels. As mentioned earlier, vacancies  are in plenty in Healthcare, Science, Social Assistance and Technical Fields.

Have a look into each one.


Services of healthcare professionals are high in demand across all countries. Obviously, Australia is no exception. And Covid 19 has fuelled the demand.

The increase in demand is 131% higher compared to 2019.

It’s wise to go for graduation in one stream in Healthcare, since it will be a smooth way to enter the workforce in Health our Social Assistance. Because the expected number of skilled workers in Australia within the next 5 years is 2,50,000.

This is a widely spread statistics and that fact is clear from the number of students enrolling for different Health Science Programs.

A data shows that, 27% of Healthcare and Social Assistance Institutions in Australia reported vacancies in May 2022.

Professional, Science and Technical Services

Since 2018 these industries are showing consistent growth in the number of job vacancies.

Compared to 2017 there was nearly 130% growth in job vacancies in May 2022.

Career options are in plenty. For instance, architects, accountants, scientists, marketing personnel, advertising and more.

Since 2010, the job vacancies in Australia multiplied by several numbers. And statistics shows that, in some other countries across the world the scenario is not different. Which means that this is a global trend.

Definitely Australia is one of the best destinations to study and pursue a career