St Georges University of Medical Sciences Grenada (Study Medicine in Grenada)

About University

Founded in 1976, St. Georges University is an Independent Medical School which offers Medical Degree programme. Since the time of its establishment, SGU is one of the top International Education Institutions and has grown rapidly. The University offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programmes which includes Biology, Humanities, Information Technology, Nursing, and Veterinary Medicine.
Since 1976, St. George’s University has now more than 12,000 alumni from the Medical Degree programme practicing medicine all across the world. The clinical rotations have affiliations with more than 70 hospitals and clinical centers in Canada, Grenada, the United States, and United Kingdom.
Situated at the South-West tip of the island of Grenada in the Caribbean, the True Blue Campus is an international center for education attracting a lot of students not just from the Caribbean but from about 140 countries.

•School of Medicine
•School of Veterinary Medicine
• School of Graduate Studies
• Summer & Short Term Program


The majestic True Blue Campus has the best library, laboratories, research institute, teaching facilities, and much more. The backyard of the campus is truly breathtaking with lapis blue waters and extraordinary reefs of the Caribbean Sea.
There are nearly 65 student-sponsored organizations which cater students to a wide range of their interests. Students participate in creating a diverse and lively environment in the campus. Students are enthralled by the unique blend of African, English and French cultures of Grenada.

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