Caucaucas University ( Study Medicine in Georgia)

About University

Caucasus International University is an accredited Higher Educational Institute, established in 1998. Formerly it was known as LLC Caucasus International University and granted International Quality Accreditation by the Central and Eastern European Management Development Association (CEEMAN) and also registered under MCI.

The university’s curriculum also includes extensive participation of students in international programs and conferences to give them the exposure of the real world problems. Many professional experience programs and exchange programs were offered with engaging teaching methods for the students. The programs are delivered by internationally qualified lecturers and specialists providing quality education which prepares the students as highly-qualified specialists in various spheres.

The university consists of various schools – Business, Law, Media, Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences, Governance, Tourism, Medicine and HealthCare, New Cinema and Economics Schools. It awards the students with universally recognized degrees- bachelors, masters and PhD.

The university has very good relations with many top American, Asian and European universities. Students get many good opportunities to participate in two way exchange programs.

• Healthcare Management

•Healthcare Management

The university offers quality education with a great experience. The students are exposed to the Georgian culture. Many unique activities and programs were organized outside the classrooms to improve their creative skills also. It aims to make students self-governing bodies and enable them to indulge in the various activities around the campus. The university tries to offer all the possibilities that will help students to develop their potential and enjoy the experience. The atmosphere inside the campus is very healthy and conducive for studies.

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