BSc in Business Management


Your business and management degree programme will give you a thorough understanding and appreciation of the problems that businesses face. You’ll learn the interpersonal, technical, and analytical skills needed to comprehend, evaluate, and handle the challenges that today’s businesses are facing.

Out of all the pathways, the elements of this degree provide you with the broadest range of core business and management skills. This includes managing change and dealing with future uncertainty, as well as market economies, organisational theory and practise, a variety of business models, and frameworks.

Course Description

In the required modules of your first and second years, important aspects of business and management are covered. Aspects of project and operations management, international business, marketing, PR, and accounting are also discussed. You have the option to choose optional modules in your final year.

One of the course’s modules, Management Enquiry, will assist you in adjusting to university study by providing active learning opportunities on subjects like time management, report writing, and group collaboration. Without needing A level maths or the equivalent in another country, you will also gain useful technical skills along the way, such as numerical techniques and how to use statistical software programmes like SPSS and EXCEL.

Entry Requirements

Candidates for admission to the final stage of the MBA programme, where they can earn their Master’s degree in six months, must have completed a bachelor’s degree or a three-year diploma from an Indian university, either with or without work experience. Candidates who also possess Ofqual Level 7 qualifications (for instance, Of Equal Level 7 – Diploma in Strategic Management) from approved awarding bodies will also be considered.

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