BBA in Business Management


The BBA in Business Administration is a broad business and management degree that gives you in-depth knowledge of all the key organisational functional areas. For a successful career in any area of business, you study a wide range of subjects and refine your practical managerial skills.

You are encouraged to participate in a paid placement year to strengthen your professional networks and gain real-world experience.

Course description

The top-tier management course known as BBA is derived from the expansive field of management studies. The goal of the course is to impart conceptual, practical, and theoretical knowledge of the complex ideas related to the business world, such as accounting, operations, finance, and operations management. The program’s many facets can teach you valuable lessons in entrepreneurialism and effective business management. You can anticipate studying topics like Business Economics, Marketing Strategies, Business Ethics, etc. in this degree programme. You can choose from a variety of specialisations offered by the course to achieve the career goals you have always had.

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